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bridal boudoir session, fineart session, fineart wedding, elegant, boudoirWhen Héloïse, the handmade designer of So Hélo and Cléophina contacted me to style her new collection shoot, I envisioned it in my head like a bridal session before the wedding. I draw the inspiration from her elegant and delicate lingerie and accessories which paired perfectly with the classical design and fine architectural details of the Bastide de Toursainte Héloïse selected to set the decor. This 18th century building, reminiscent of “Provencal mas” from auteur films, is an enchanting and inspiring place for any creative (and more to plan your celebration).

Bastide de Toursainte, Marseille, wedding venue, Ludovic Film photography elegant-fineart-boudoir-session-in-Bastide-de-Toursainte-Veronique-Lorre-luxury-wedding-floral-designer-25

That day, the weather was sweet, the light was perfect and the entire team was more than ready for the shooting, all the conditions were united to make it a success.

I wanted the scene delicate and simple. The idea was to capture the essential of a future bride beauty before the wedding; looking at her getting ready for one of the most important day of her life, enjoying this time of intimacy in her bedroom and wearing something special like this beautiful and delicate lace piece from So Hélo.  

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With the creative team, we wanted the shoot as a document of this unique moment of quiet anticipation of the day ahead. To tell this intimate story, we gathered a small part of the team into the bedroom, where I curated some details to set the environment. The sunlight filtered through the window, the marble fireplace and the soft blue restored wallpaper brought a romantic and timeless mood to the scene. Like a hanging moment, the bride’s bouquet of delicate soft and muted near the fine lace lingerie gently placed on the chair, and the gold leaves hair piece and cristal earrings colors are waiting for their moment. As any bride enjoys do it for her wedding, this girl prepared all her things the day before, both admiring and waiting with excitement to finally be able to wear them for this special day.

fineart bridal session, film photography, luxury wedding, French riviera, creative director, wedding stylist luxury wedding, wedding shoot, bridal shoot, fineart wedding, french riviera wedding designer, bridal editorial, fashion editorialAllowing the model to behave naturally, I worked with her, providing her some few instructions about the scene and then let her move in the room and shine trough as she was really living the scene as a future bride. Chloe, this red-headed girl, with fair pale skin, pinky cheeks, and deep blue eyes, totally embodied the character of this young future bride bringing her both this mystic and ingenuous side with elegance and simplicity.

The purpose was to shoot the moment as it unfolds and inspire future brides to embrace this time of intimacy before their big day as a special gift for themselves and their husband. As Proust described this phenomenon so well with his “madeleine”, a perfume, a music or a sensation is enough to remind us of a memory with force, bringing us back with all the feelings we lived at this moment. I love the idea of a getting ready attire dedicated to such a special and cherished day that the bride could wear again in the future, remembering and making her feel like she was walking down the aisle.fineart wedding stylist, creative director, brand stylist, editorial stylist, luxury wedding, french riviera

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Photography – Ludovic Grau-Mingot | Vidéo – Philmaker |Creative direction & flowers – Veronique Lorre | hairs – Axelle B. | Make-up – Virginie Debourg  |jewelry and accessories – So Hélo | wedding dress – Confidentiel 
Tutus, tops et déshabillés – Cléophina | Venue – Bastide de Toursainte
Model – Cloé

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